Social, cultural and ecological projects in Altona

Nutzmüll e. V.
Project term: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2022

Soziale, kulturelle & ökolog. Projekte in Altona

The social, cultural, and ecological projects in the Altona district implemented by Nutzmüll e.V. promote the inclusion of groups in receipt of SGB II benefits using the funding instrument set out in Section 16i SGB II (“Participation in the labour market”). Participants are given the prospect of finding employment subject to social security contributions and becoming more employable in the general labour market over the longer term. In addition, funding is provided for part-time employment opportunities for individuals in receipt of SGB II benefits as an initial, low-threshold entry point to further job centre support programmes (Tagwerk). In addition, the project supports participation in non-profit organisations. 

In the district of Altona, a recycling station, the Altona nature protection helpers, and the event support in the children’s museum KL!CK in Osdorf help social, cultural, and ecological projects to improve the quality of local community life and strengthens ecological sustainability.

Project leads:

Kaja Afrifa-Rechner
Recycling station, children’s museum KL!CK
Boschstraße 15
22761 Hamburg

P: 040 / 890 663 28

Grit Guse
Altona nature protection helpers
Boschstraße 15
22761 Hamburg

P: 0176 / 220 548 504

Susanne Förster
Workshop-oriented jobs
Boschstraße 15
22761 Hamburg

Tel: 040 / 890 663 11