Independent Learning Centres in Jenfeld-Center and Rahlstedt-East

Hamburger Volkshochschule
Project term: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024

Independent Learning Centres in Jenfeld-Center & Rahlstedt-East | ESF

The “Independent Learning Centres” at two Hamburg adult education centres

· Jenfeld Center and

· Rahlstedt-East

are aimed at adults, people from immigrant or refugee families, and older people who have not had adequate educational opportunities. 

Residents of the two neighbourhoods can visit low-threshold educational programmes free of cost. Introductory courses take the existing skills of the participants as their starting point. Even people who are unused to independent learning are motivated by the interesting programmes to further their education. Participants work at their own pace with support from a learning facilitator. The project emphasises the importance of integrating learners in the development of tailored programmes and contents. Volunteers, including residents from refugee homes, receive training that teaches them to offer their own educational courses. Residents receive counselling and are encouraged to participate in additional educational programmes and informed about corresponding educational and counselling programmes. They also receive advice and support to achieve their learning goals.

The Independent Learning Centres contribute to the implementation of the Framework Integrated Urban Development Hamburg (RISE).

Project lead: Jan Nazım Karadaş

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