Investment in education

Education is the decisive factor in finding and keeping a vocational training place or employment. It is the prerequisite if Hamburg is to have sufficient well-trained, skilled workers in the future.

Investment in education

In the period to 2020 the ESF will be providing Hamburg with over 25 million euros for “Investing in education, training and vocational training for skills and life-long learning”. Funding will be used to assist employees who wish to participate in further education in order to be prepared for future challenges in the employment market. Parents in various districts of the city will be able to obtain advice on education in early childhood. Students will be provided with professional skills.

Project examples:

• The “Hamburg Further Education Grant” will provide funding to low-skilled employees in small and medium enterprises with the aim of safeguarding jobs.

• “dual & inclusive: vocational education in Hamburg” will facilitate better transition of young people with special educational needs from school to work.

• Three ESF projects in city districts within one specific geographical funding area will provide employees and owners of small and micro enterprises with additional skills.