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WiA - Ways into Work for Immigrated Women

Project term: 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2024

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"WiA - Ways into Work for Immigrated Women" supports women and mothers with an immigrant and migrant background who are not (yet) employed in accordance with their professional skills.

The activation and support of the participants takes place through individual coaching, which supports the participants depending on their individual starting position, for example in the recognition of qualifications, in the search for German courses, internships, qualification opportunities or jobs and training positions. Additional group offers promote language and PC skills and provide information on the German education system and job market.

The project contributes to the implementation of the 2017 integration concept "Wir in Hamburg!" and flanks the expanded Hamburg Welcome Center (HWC).

project lead: Dr. Ann-Kathrin Tranziska
Alsenstraße 33
22769 Hamburg

P.: 040 / 89 69 80 41