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Mook Wat – Employment for Long-Term Jobless

Mook wat e. V.
Project term: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024


ein Handwerker, der die Anschlüsse einer Badewanne repariert
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The project “Mook Wat – Employment for Long-Term Jobless” promotes the inclusion of groups in receipt of SGB II benefits using the funding instrument set out in Section 16i SGB II (“Participation in the labour market”). Participants are given the prospect of finding employment subject to social security contributions and becoming more employable in the general labour market over the longer term. In addition, the project offers part-time employment opportunities for individuals in receipt of SGB II benefits as an initial, low-threshold entry point to further job centre support programmes (Tagwerk). In addition, the project offers placements in non-profit organisations.

Services like the “Möbelkeller” used furniture store, the “Reno” workshop, a soup kitchen (Pottkieker), and PC repairs promote social support programmes for disadvantaged groups, especially in the Hamburg-North district.

Project lead:

Dörte Berger

Dormannsweg 43
20259 Hamburg

Arbeitsladen "Reno"
Rübenkamp 33
22305 Hamburg

Tel: 040 / 329 63 267

Sabine Pickuth

Alter Teichweg 53
22049 Hamburg

Mook wat PC
Elsässer Straße 4
22049 Hamburg

Tel: 040 / 69 79 44 25