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Good Perspectives – basic qualification in the enterprise

Arbeit und Leben Hamburg
Project term: 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2024

Erwachsene während der Ausbildung im Klassenraum

"Good Perspectives – basic qualification in the enterprise" focuses on low-skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled employees who lack basic skills and who, for example, are in ancillary activities and/or temporary employment.

The employability of the participants is to be maintained through certified industry-specific qualification offers. Companies experience support to better cope with the structural change in the working world with the existing staff.

The project focuses on employees with basic educational needs from the logistics, trade and production sectors as well as care and services and thus contributes to securing the need for skilled workers.

Project lead: Sabine Raab
Besenbinderhof 60
20097 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 / 284 016 62

Project flyer "Good Perspectives – basic qualification in the enterprise"