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Further Training Bonus PLUS

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The Hamburg Further Training Bonus PLUS funds additional training courses for different target groups and provides information on suitable qualifying measures. The flexible subsidy for further training is approved quickly and unbureaucratically as long as employers confirm that the measure is required for the applicant’s career advancement. If needed, individual coaching on qualification options is also available. Coaches work together with clients to make an education plan containing the topics and goals of qualifying courses and clarify funding issues. The Hamburg Further Training Bonus PLUS is primarily aimed at poorly qualified and unqualified workers and employees who receive supplementary SGB II social benefits. It supports the Joint Employment Market Programme set up by the Hamburg Employment Agency, the job centre - and the Ministry of Labour, Health, Social, Family Affairs and Integration, the Hamburg Strategy to Meet Requirements for Skilled Labour, the Hamburg Senate’s digitalization strategy and the 2020 Masterplan for Hamburg’s skilled trades sector. 

This project is financed by the REACT-EU recovery assistance programme.

Project lead: Peter Holst-Glöss

Wendenstraße 493               
20537 Hamburg

P: +49 40 / 211 12 534