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Source: ESF-Verwaltungsbehörde Hamburg

Do it yourself - successful self-employed in the craft

Handwerkskammer Hamburg
Project term: 01.03.2022 – 28.02.2025

Friseurin am Arbeitsplatz

The project "Do it yourself - successful self-employed in the craft" supports solo self-employed in the craft in overcoming business and corporate strategic challenges.

The aim of the project is to economically secure the job situation of the participants through sound business management and thus to avert insolvency and poverty in old age. Setbacks due to the corona pandemic are also to be worked up and the company is to be positioned in a crisis-proof manner. The participants are individualy supported and receive various training and qualification offers (seminars, workshops, e-learning modules).

The project supplements the state program "Qualification in crafts" set out in the Master Plan 2030 between the Hamburg Senate and the Chamber of Crafts.

Project lead: Sogol Bentzien
Holstenwall 12
20355 Hamburg

Tel.: 040 / 359 05 528

Information sheet "Selber. Machen - Solo erfolgreich im Handwerk"