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On Solid Ground! Education and career advice at the safe haven

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Projektlaufzeit: 1. Januar 2021 - 31. Dezember 2022

Chancen Am Fluchtort Hamburg
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The project “On Solid Ground” helps to improve the basic educational skills of refugees who have limited access to regular programmes. The aim of the project is to improve the social and professional participation of the participants. An alliance of three organisations offers training in product-based learning workshops and short training courses on key topics related to everyday and professional orientation. People interested in training and employment can receive assistance in their search for a suitable workplace. Depending on individual requirements and resources, participants can attend single courses or take part in different programmes in parallel or one after the other. Within the framework of the Hamburg Welcome Center (HWC), “On Solid Ground” thus makes an important contribution to integrating refugees into the labour market.

Project leader: Franziska Voges
Nagelsweg 10
20097 Hamburg