Net3L Vocational Training Modules

KWB – Koordinierungsstelle Weiterbildung und Beschäftigung e.V.
Project term: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2018

Net3L Vocational Training Modules

‘Net3L Vocational Training Modules’ is working on the development and testing of further training modules for a variety of industries and professions, based on standardized Hamburg norms. A systematized procedure is in place to analyse needs. The further training modules are subsequently published in the QualiBe database. In addition to this, ‘Net3L Vocational Training Modules’ provides support to training providers and companies using the further training modules. The project supports the Hamburg strategy to secure skilled workforce.

Net3L Vocational Training Modules 

Project lead: Elke Miersch
Kapstadtring 10
22297 Hamburg

Tel. 040/334 241-365