Early Start for Success+

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Project term: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2020

Early Start for Success+

The objectives of ‘Early Start for Success+’ in districts falling under the Framework Integrated Urban Development Hamburg (RISE) are to improve the equality of educational opportunities by creating the basics required by all children for successful educational biographies and to strengthen social centres to promote effective, local integration. Well-integrated parents with their own migration histories who live in these districts are being trained as certified ‘parent guides’ to facilitate long-term integration of families in their local districts. This is achieved by activating families’ potential in the areas of family life, integration, education, health and employment. By providing low-threshold information on language, culture and services the guides are able to reach parents with migration backgrounds who previously slipped through the net, giving them information on early childhood education and schools as well as practical assistance. As positive role models for successful integration the guides also function as bridges and cultural mediators between parents and the different actors of local community services. ‘Early Start for Success+’ is thus making a contribution to the implementation of Hamburg’s integration concept and supports the Framework Integrated Urban Development Hamburg (RISE). 

Early Start for Success+

Project lead: Evelyn Jabben
Neuer Kamp 30             
20357 Hamburg

Tel: 040/431 830 63