Reintegration, Employment and Post-Rehabilitation Support

Integrationshilfen e.V.
Project term: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2020

Reintegration, Employment and Post-Rehabilitation Support

‘Reintegration, Employment and Post-Rehabilitation Support’ is aimed at all adult male prisoners and preventive detainees at Fuhlsbüttel, Billwerder and Glasmoor Prisons and at Fuhlsbüttel Socio-therapeutic Institution and its branch in Bergedorf. The project has two objectives – firstly, to supplement existing training and qualification measures provided by the prison authorities by offering profiling services; a range of programmes relating to development of work-related skills in closed prisons and detailed preparatory measures prior to prisoners’ release. Secondly, the project works closely with the Transition Management specialist unit (FÜMA) and the FÜMA framework concept to bundle and synchronize all the services required for integrated transition management of the target group. These services comprise occupational integration into work, training and qualification as well as case management and accompanying of prisoners before, during and up to six months after their release. The project’s focuses are the occupational and social integration of adult male prisoners after serving custodial sentences and preventing repeat offences to protect society at large.

Reintegration, Employment and Post-Rehabilitation Support

Project lead: Frank Lindner
Suhrenkamp 92
22335 Hamburg

Tel: 040/428 001-589