Pro Exzellenzia 4.0

Hamburg Innovation GmbH
Project term: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2020

Pro Exzellenzia 4.0

Pro Exzellenzia 4.0 is aimed at female Hamburg university graduates who have completed MINT, architecture, music and art courses or have degrees in the arts. The project provides participants with additional qualifications within the scope of workshops and individually tailored, cross-disciplinary further training modules covering career and management skills plus one-on-one coaching sessions. In addition to this, it offers scholarship programmes for doctoral and post-doctoral students. The overriding objective of ProExzellenzia 4.0 is to increase the proportion of women in leading positions in business, public administration, the sciences, the arts and culture, thus narrowing the gap between highly qualified female graduates and female executives. The project is making a contribution to the implementation of the Hamburg strategy to secure skilled workforce and the Hamburg framework programme to enhance gender equality.


Project lead: Doris Cornils
Harburger Schlossstr. 6-12
21079 Hamburg

Tel: 040/766 29-3121