Work/Life – Re-entry with a future

KWB - Koordinierungsstelle Weiterbildung und Beschäftigung e.V.
Project term: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2020

Work/Life – Re-entry with a future

‘Work/Life – Re-entry with a future’ helps well-qualified women wishing to return to work following a longer period of caring for children to do so by providing individual advice, activation and finding jobs. Over and above this, individuals with professional qualifications are given assistance in converting exclusively marginal employment (‘mini-jobs’) into employment which is subject to social contributions or in finding a new job with a new employer. The project supports the Hamburg framework programme to enhance gender equality and Hamburg’s strategy to secure skilled workforce.

Work/Life – Re-entry with a future

Project lead: Elisabeth Wazinski
Kapstadtring 10
22297 Hamburg

Tel: 040/334 241-440