chance generator – Support for young refugees u25

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Project term: 1 March 2017 - 28 February 2021

chance generator – Support for young refugees u25

‘chance generator – Support for young refugees u25’ assists the Hamburg Youth Employment Agency in the challenging task of structuring integration processes for young refugees with prospects of permanent residence in Germany until such time as they are able to enter education and/or employment. The project focuses, among other things, on ‘tolerated’ refugees who are able to significantly improve their residency status within the scope of the so-called “3+2 ruling” by participating in a dual vocational training system. The project’s main task is to help young refugees in Hamburg benefit as much as possible from the regular services offered by  the Youth Employment Agency, by providing them with individual support. The objective of the permanent points of contact who provide a stable framework around the various elements of the offering structure is to prevent interruptions to, and dropping out from, the individual process of qualification. The project is also making a contribution to implementation of Hamburg’s integration concept and supporting the city’s strategy to secure skilled workforce.

chance generator – Support for young refugees u25

Project lead: Renata O'Connell
Adenauerallee 2
20097 Hamburg

Tel: 040/284 072 286