Integration of Refugees in Health Care

Eppendorf University Hospital
Project term: 1. February 2017 - 31 December 2020

Integration of Refugees in Health Care

The objective of ‘Integration of Refugees in Health Care’ is to recruit more qualified employees for institutions providing patient care, such as hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. Refugees with professional healthcare qualifications which are not recognized in Germany are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with German workplace culture, specialist terminology and basic topics at an early stage of their integration process. In addition to this, their employability is improved and they are prepared for daily working routines in German hospitals or doctors’ surgeries. This creates a long-term basis to ensure that refugees with final residence rights have a successful professional future in the healthcare sector. The project supports the employment market integration activities of the ‘W.I.R - work and integration for refugees’ programme and is making a contribution to ensuring that the healthcare sector has sufficient trained professionals.

Integration of Refugees in Health Care 

Project lead: Helei Djadran
Martinistr. 52

20246 Hamburg

Tel: 040/741 051 77