Servicepoint GIT (Grant for instruction and training)

Stiftung Berufliche Bildung - SBB
Project term: 1 January 2017 - 31 December 2020

Servicepoint GIT (Grant for instruction and training)

The ‘Servicepoint GIT’ makes resources related to the accompanying and qualification of publicly funded employees available to employers. It thus supplements and supports publicly funded employment within the framework of the “Funding of Employment – FAV” regulation instrument under the provisions of Art. 16 e Vol II of the German Social Code (SGB II). The objective is to stabilize and qualify former long-term unemployed people, thus integrating them into the market for non-funded employment subject to social security contributions. The ‘Servicepoint GIT’ supports the 2015-2020 Joint Employment Market Programme set up by the Hamburg Employment Agency; the JobCentre - and the Ministry of Labour, Social and Family Affairs and Integration.

Servicepoint GIT (Grant for instruction and training)

Project lead: Olav Vavroš
Stiftung Berufliche Bildung
Wendenstraße 493
20537 Hamburg

Tel: 040/211 12-394