4th Hamburg Qualification Campaign in Nursing

Hamburgische Pflegegesellschaft e.V.
Project term: 1 May 2017 - 30 June 2021

4th Hamburg Qualification Campaign in Nursing

Thanks to the ‘4th Hamburg Qualification Campaign in Nursing’ unskilled care workers, trained assistants and skilled employees in geriatric nursing are receiving further training and qualifications alongside their work. This enables participants to obtain future-proofed employment in the growing field of geriatric nursing. Over and above this, within the scope of the project cross-board development and testing of the training programme for the new nursing care qualification, shortened to two years, is being carried out. Parallel to this, a further training course is being designed and offered to prepare teachers and practical trainers for the new nursing care qualification. Finally, the project provides a comprehensive information and advisory offering on vocational choices and staying employed in the care sector. It contributes to achieving the statutorily required qualified employee quota and accompanies Hamburg’s strategy to secure skilled workforce.

4th Hamburg Qualification Campaign in Nursing

Project lead: Franz Proefener
Burchardstraße 19
20095 Hamburg

Tel: 040/74 10 71 46 20